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WP Plugins for Displaying and Editing Code in Your Article

Here is the list of free or paid WP Plugins for Displaying and Editing Code in your article.

Code Snippets CPT

Code Snippets CPT is a two-fold solution. First, it creates a WordPress Custom Post Type called ‘Snippets’, where you can maintain your library of code. Second, you’ll be able to easily add snippets to a post or page via a Shortcode. There’s even a way to add a snippet insert button to the WordPress content editor.

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Crayon Syntax Highlighter

A featured packed plugin, Crayon Syntax Highlighter lets you display a plethora of programming languages in custom fashion. The integrated Theme Editor lets you choose colors, fonts and even the size of the container used to display your code.

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WP-Syntax supports several languages through the use of GeSHi. Add code snippets to your page/post through use of the <pre> tag with the appropriate attributes. Styles can also be customized via CSS.

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My Syntax Highlighter

With 36 themes supported, there’s a good chance My Syntax Highlighter will fit in beautifully with your WordPress website. The plugin uses the CodeMirror library and has included 16 different Shortcodes you can use to easily display code.

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Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter

Enlighter will allow for full WordPress visual editor integration on both the backend and frontend of your site. This means the familiar TinyMCE editor you see inside of WordPress can also be shown on your public site. You’ll also be able to display tab-panes to group several snippets together.

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