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WordPress Tutorial

WordPress is a popular available free and open-source CMS for blogs and website. It is a framework based on PHP and MySQL. Initially developed for blogging tool but now it has evolved into a versatile Content Management System. Where, you can use it to develop a simple blogs as well as a fully operational website and mobile applications. It is even used to develop an online eCommerce store using popular Woo Commerce WordPress plugins. You can also use other eCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Websites.

But mostly people know that WordPress is just as a blogging platform.

WP is the easiest and most popular CMS due to its features. The core feature of WordPress is its versatility and feasibility to use. There is no use of coding and designing skills for creating a website on this with the help of Different available Editors. Even a non-technical person can also design a creative website with the help of WordPress.


WordPress Installation
WordPress Navigation
Adding Post & Page in WordPress with tags and category
Installing Plugins
Installing Themes
Creating Themes from Scratch
Premium Themes Installation

Today i am going to teach you about Website Development in WordPress.

Need five minutes to complete the installation of WordPress. WP is best known for its 5 mint of installation. All web hosting companies allow through Softaculous WordPress installation within few steps.

We have different methods to install WordPress on a local machine or online cPanel.

Before going to start you must have the following tools for starting the website development in local machine or online through cPanel

  1. Domain (Buy from Only buy domain they are offering very reasonable cost)
  2. Hosting (Buy hosting from bluehost). if you need only startup hosting please contact me. I will give you better suggestions.
  3. FTP Access to your web server. Hosting company will share a user ID and password.
  4. FTP Client for uploading the files from your local computer to your web server. Popular FTP clients i.e. FileZilla and WinSCP.
  5. Text Editor for editing the Config Files. You will change the DB name and Password or you can use editor in cPanel
  6. Use the Chrome and Safari for browsing the website.
  7. WAMP / XAMP for local installation

For Online Installation

Online and Offline Installation is not a big deal. We have other option for Installing WordPress through Softaculous. but here you will follow the following steps for Installing WordPress Manually.
You will follow the following step for Installing WordPress in Windows 8 or 10. We will assume your project name is local_step4all

Local Installaion

  1. You will download latest version of WordPress from
  2. Unzip your files under WAMP / XAMP folder for example in local system WAMP server d:/wamp64/www/local_step4all
  3. open the following URL localhost/phpmyadmin and Create database in MySQL for example step4all_localdb
  4. open your project in browser like localhost/local_step4all/ for starting the Installation
  5. Installation will be start automatically when you will access the project. Fill all the detail while installation
    for example Database Name, username, password, database host name and table prefix.
  6. Add Administrative information i.e site name, Choose the wp-admin user name and password.

Add more steps for Online Installation

You will follow the following two steps for Installing online.

Upload WordPress on your website root path of the server.
Create database through MySQL Database wizard from CPanel
Create user and assign that user to your newly created database
Open your website i.e, installation will start automatically. Add database name, user name.

Note: you will use your own domain name instead

If you have any query please contact me

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