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WordPress Navigation

WordPress Core Feature after installation

WordPress is a popular for Bloggers. You can also develop CMS for website. We can also develop large application for example CRM or eCommerce website like WooCommerce. I am going to tell you the core part of the WordPress Navigation. User this link if you don’t know how to install WordPress in local or on server

Here is the core parts of the WordPress Website Navigation

  1. Dashboard
  2. Posts (All Posts, Add New, Categories, Tags)
  3. Media
  4. Pages (All Pages, Add New)
  6. Appearance (Themes, Customize, Widgets, Menus, theme Editors)
  7. Plugins (Installed Plugins, Add New, Plugin Editor)
  8. Users (All Users, Add New, Profile)
  9. Tools (Available Tools, Import, Export,
  10. Settings (General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks)

First you will login through user name and password. Try to keep the difficult user name and password. One of the main reason behind the compromise the website is weak password.

After Login you will see the following links


Dashboard ( You can see the latest update or comments on the dashboard for quick navigation and information)


Post ( You will add article through POST link ). You will also add the categories for classification of the content for example News, Sports, Health and Technology.


You are capable to add static page in WordPress like About Us, Advertise with us and Privacy Policy.


Appearance for adding/updating theme. You can add widgets and use customizer for customizing the themes. Add multiple menus as per theme setup. Usually we found Prmary and secondary menus


After installing WordPress you may need to add more functionality in the website. We use the plugins to extend the functionality of the website. Plugins are written in PHP programming based on WordPress plugins writing rules. for example if you need a form for Get a Quote or Contact us through form. You may need to install “Contact Form 7” plugins


Manage your website management team or subscribers who use your webiste for adding and updating the content.


WordPress provide us different tools for managing the website.


WordPress settings used for updating the Site Title, Tag line, Membership type and Reading default page for website and blog. you can also update permalinks for your website.

In the next section i will teach you how to add posts and update content on your website. I am sure you under stand WordPress Website Navigation.

I am Tauseef Ahmed if you are intested to contact me please do comment. I will reply you

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