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ODOO ERP for beginners youtube video

My Introduction

Before going to start ODOO ERP Tutorial for beginners, i thought to introduce myself. I am Tauseef Ahmed, I have strong experience in custom development solutions. 250+ Different custom implementations I have done in different business sectors i.e. Trading, Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Pharma Distributors, education etc. I am also providing tech trainings like web development, software development, PHP, WordPress, html & CSS. I am also providing training on my channel.

ODOO ERP Tutorial for Beginners

I decided to start creating articles on ODOO ERP Tutorial for Beginner. I tell the advantages of Open Source ODOO ERP. If you build your career with ODOO it is very useful. First of all it’s an open source, ODOO S.A is a Belgium based company started in 2005.

Currently ODOO have two version, one is for Community Edition , Enterprise Edition developed by ODOO Team. Both editions have a lot of advantages.

ERP is stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Whenever an organization planning to start managing all the operation centralized you must need a ERP solutions.

ODOO have multiple open source business apps that cover all your company needs.

  1. CRM
  2. eCommerce
  3. Accounting
  4. Inventory
  5. Point of Sale
  6. Project Management
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Website

I have created a series of videos on YouTube to understand the business process and their activities. If you would like to become a Functional Consultant or Software Developer it may help you a lot to understand the business operations.

The most simplest form of a business operation to maintain the activities i.e.

1. Sale

2. Purchase

3. Inventory

4. Accounts for Receipts, Payment and Expenses

For Sale activity you need to keep the records of customers & items in the Database. In the Purchase process you need to keep the records of Vendors and of course payments and receipts activity through accounts.


I uploaded few videos about Odoo Installation in windows and also provide a detail information about how to use Odoo ERP.

Here is my first Introduction video about Odoo ERP.

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