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ODOO ERP download and installation in Windows

ODOO is a most popular open source ERP solutions. ODOO have two different editions. ODOO Community and ODOO Enterprise Editions. ODOO is offering Enterprise edition with limited module life time. I will guide you ODOO installation in windows.

You visit ODOO website and click on download link from footer. ODOO will ask you for some detail. You will not worry about the information. They will call you for more detail and query. You can tell them your purpose of ODOO.

Here is the link for download.

Please view this video for complete odoo installation in windows.

What you will learn in this video.

  1. 1. Download ODOO in your local system
    2. ODOO will install automatically postGresSQL and odoo
  2. 3. You can enables the required modules for example you want to use POS
  3. 4. You can purchase more modules from ODOO Apps

I will teach you ODOO in detail stay with me for learning ODOO. Please watch the above video for odoo installation in windows.

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