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How to win a writing competition in Pakistan

“How to win a writing competition” may seem an easy task but let me remind you that it is not a piece of cake. Some people think that they can never win a contest at all and thus put not effort in but a right amount of time and hard work can help you win competitions easily. All you have to do is focus on some strategies that will turn the odds in your favor and help you become an amazing writer!

Writing contest take place on various platforms such as either locally or internationally through internet. You can learn about local writing competitions through socializing with people but the information regarding international contests can be gathered by various sites such as The writer,
Writerdigest, Writelife and many more. These websites host competitions for various prizes such as Tony Hillerman prize, Young Lions Fiction award, L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest and a lot more. Some of these strategies to win the writing competition are:

Explore your creativity

Creativity is an inborn trait of every human. Different people have different levels of creativity in various fields of their choice. Same is the case with writing, some people are good in specialized genres while others can write on various topics. Writing becomes better with practice, the more
you write the more you can grasp different skills and knowledge. The creative writing competitions are generally categorized in a way that any person can take those tests and secure a good place in the competitions. All you need to do is practice consistently and understand knowledge of various subjects.

Know previous winning entries

Knowing about previous writing entries can help you win the competitions easily. Before submission of your writing explore the internet and look for the tips and guidelines followed by the people that have won the previous writing contests. This will not only enhance your writing skills but will also help you win and stand high among all the contestants!

Understand the terms and conditions of competitions

Writing contests come along various writing guidelines which must be followed. Some competitions opt the tricky guidelines so that they can chose the best ones among all the people who took the contest. If you submit your writing without a proper submission guideline it is likely that your submission may be rejected at all. Some contestants seem to overlook the minor details mentioned in the guidelines and thus the odds do not fall in their favor at all.

Proofread your content

Proofreading your articles or essays before their final submission is one of the most important tasks. The more you proofread, more the chances of any mistake are nullified. Many of the applicants overlook this step and their writings are full of mistakes and errors. The judges of the contests read a lot of submissions before announcing the final results, to minimize the competition and choose the best submission, they immediately reject the one with mistakes in it.
So, it is imperative to check your essay several times before submission.

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