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How to earn through YouTube – Youtube Partner Program?

How to become a YouTube Partner or How to earn through YouTube?

YouTube partner program (YPP) is very beneficial for the YouTubers because it offers them access to special features of YouTube. YPP grows continuously, so it is very necessary to establish a healthy and active environment. YPP uses a screening program by disabling those channels who have not posted anything in 6 months. This motivates the active members that their hard work is being acknowledged. 

By just being part of YPP, things will become very easy for you. Why? Because YouTube Partners are able to get access to many income streams. This means that you will be able to earn by ads, YouTube Premium subscription fees, super chats, and so on. There are some important steps to become a member of YPP which are described below.

  1. Start a channel

To start a YouTube channel for How to earn through YouTube?, we have a very comprehensible guide in this regard. This magical guide is ‘How to create a YouTube channel.’ 

  • Meet the YouTube Partner Program requirements

The main requirement of joining the YPP is that you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in a year. For this, you will need to get more views on your videos. To help you in this matter we have some ideas for how to get YouTube views h that will be very handy for you. 

  • Make an AdSense account

This is the simplest step of becoming a part of the YPP. You just need to set up the AdSense account by following the guide to creating an AdSense account.

  • Explore your new monetization features

Every monetization channel requires different features to meet the eligibility criteria. For example:

Ad revenue: to earn this feature the minimum age should be 18 years. Moreover, your content must be advertiser-friendly. For this purpose, your videos must be very less controversial so that the advertisers are more comfortable to run ads on your videos. This will ultimately help you to earn more money. 

YouTube premium revenue: this is an amazing feature. If a person who is a YouTube premium member watches your video then you will be able to get a part of their subscription fee automatically. 

Channel membership: this is a little bit tough requirement but it is worth it because your fans pay you an extra amount. If you want to sell the membership of your channel then you should be 18 years or more. Furthermore, you must have more than 30,000 subscribers. 

Merchandise shelf: if you want to sell merch from the merchandise shelf of YouTube then you must be at least 18 years. Besides, these features need you to have at least 10,000 subscribers. 

Super Chat: this is a cool feature. If any of your fans want to highlight his/her message during your live streams in your live chats, then you should be 18 years or more. Additionally, this also requires you to live in that country where the offer is available. 

  • Submit to ongoing reviews

By just being a part of the YPP, your channel will hold a greater standard. This is a favor of YouTube to the members of YPP. To meet this goal, you need to follow the YPP policies and community guidelines.






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