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How to earn from YouTube Channel in 2021

COVID-19 Teach us so many lessons. All the things can be stop except the digital communication or medium. In this era only digital business grow like if you are running a YouTube channel, running a blog or doing eCommerce business. Today I will let you know you must think about Youtube as a source of Income.

It’s is very easy to create a channel. How to earn money from YouTube channel is not a big deal. Your gmail account is by default youtube account. Simply click on top right corner icon and click on your channel. You can customized the channel.

Well now I am talking about the earning from Youtube Channel. It’s a big subject ofcourse you need select the topic and start creating the content according to youtube partner program policy.

You have other way’s to earn money from YouTube like affiliate or promote products or services of a company and get money from them. You need audience to show them their services/products.

I will suggest you to create real and unique content which is acceptable on youtube.

You have to meet the criteria of youtube for monetization.

  1. Need 1000 Subscribers
  2. 4000 Watch Time

You can search a lot of ideas for subscribers and 4000 watch time.

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