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Get your fans to pay you directly on YouTube

If you want to make money via YouTube then you have to put a lot of effort into making things easier for your fans. Every YouTuber has one thing common which is that you have made it easier for your fans to express their appreciation with their credit card. Different YouTubers use different strategies for earning income through YouTube. The two important strategies are listed here.

Go for live chat

Before 2017 YouTube used the Fan Funding feature. But in early 2017 it has replaced this feature with Super Chat. It is an amazing feature. Super Chat is only available for YouTube Partners. Moreover, for YouTube Partners, this feature is available during live streaming only. This shows the importance of Super Chat. 

During the live chat, the viewers can make their comments visible by highlighting them; moreover, they also pin their comments. This feature is available for a specific period of time. The time limit depends upon the amount you have paid during the Super Chat. 

However, Super Chat is only available in limited countries. People who are members of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), and have more than 1,000 subscribers are able to use this feature. Moreover, when the host of the video sets the video as ‘made for the kids’ then according to the privacy and security policy of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) many features become disabled. 

Motivate people to subscribe to your channel 

The amount you will earn via YouTube partially depends on the number of subscribers. This is a type of mutualistic relationship. In return, they get the chance to join the exclusive Live Chats with you. Furthermore, they can also get custom emoji, badge, and access to special videos. 

For example, a Swedish brand, Wintergatan, which makes elaborate pots and marble machines videos for their YouTube channel. They have a habit of thanking their channel’s subscribers in their videos. Besides, they also tell their subscribers or membership holders for what their money supports. 

For all these purposes, you must encourage and convince the people to get the membership. 

Convince fans to become the Premium subscribers

It is an indirect strategy to earn money. This helps your channel indirectly. When a YouTube Premium subscriber watches any of your YouTube channel’s videos then you will become able to get a cut of their subscription fee.

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