Frontend Web Development Roadmap for building Careers in 2021

Frontend web Development Roadmap Step4all

Greetings, I am sure you are fine. Today I was working on HTML Tutorial for Beginners and advanced learners. I thought its very important to know more about the learning paths of Frontend Web Development roadmap. Which skills you need to learn for the part of Frontend Developer. Here are few skills you need to learn.

  1. Internet
  3. CSS3 ( Cascading Stylesheet)
  4. JavaScript / jQuery
  5. Learn SASS
  6. Package Manager & Web Bundlers

You also need to learn more JavaScripts framework/library to become more professional like

ReactJS (Library)
You an create interactive user interfaces with ReactJS Library. It’s very easy for developer to learn and manage the apps and websites. You can also create Desktop applications with reactjs & elementorjs with mysql/postgresSQL and MonoDB.
Material UI
Vue.js etc.

I will elaborate all the skills in detail in this article. Please follow my page and channel for learning more about Frontend Web Development roadmap. Please like my channel step4all, my facebook page for more update.

I just search in google Frontend Web Development Jobs ( I found About 18,600,000 results (0.61 seconds). You can imagine how many number of jobs available if you learn Frontend Web Development skills.

You can also do freelancing on,,, and so many platforms available to work online. Freelancing is a very popular method for online earning.

I will suggest you for doing freelancing learn English. Don’t worry lets start and listen English learning videos and movies through YouTube and web development skills I already mentioned in this article (frontend web development).


It’s very easy to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and few other skills like GIT management. You do not need high programming skills to become the frontend developer. I try to conveyance you learn the frontend skills. I found so many jobs online for frontend specially in Freelance forums. Please join my channel and facebook for learning more about the latest skills and paths for building the career.

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