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Earning Through eCommerce Websites

This is the world of the internet. Today, everything is related to the internet. There is an alternative to every aspect of life in the digital world. The same is the case with online shopping. This trend is growing day by day. People prefer to buy via the internet instead of going to the malls and shops. Everyone is busy nowadays, and going shopping, again and again, is like wasting your time. Those who understand this thing know that the success rate of earning through e-commerce is very high. This is an amazing way to earn money without setting up a regular shop and dealing with various customers in the deadly heat and harsh winters. You can earn many bucks by just starting an online business. 

Well, the internet is the best way to cover the communication gap around the whole world. It is full of information and opportunities. You just have to select the right and smart paths to earn money for your living, side business, and so on. The first and basic step of earning money through the internet is to have your very own e-store or website. Moreover, you must learn some marketing skills for running your business. Luckily, you can master all those techniques through the major tool i.e. internet. 

To earn money online, you need to have a website, product, content, and skills. The secret of a successful online business depends on the visitors to the website. For this purpose, you must learn the art of increasing the traffic to your website. This can be done via various online marketing channels, social media, paid ads, Google, etc. if you have mastered the technique of increasing the website traffic then consider that you have accomplished 40-50% of your goal.

Various strategies that will help you earn money via e-Commerce websites

There are a lot of methods and strategies that will prove very handy for you to earn money via online stores and websites. The given list is present to help you understand the ways or methods you should opt to get maximum benefits.

PPC advertising

For this purpose, you need to sign up with the network and paste some code snippets on your website. As a result, you will become able to serve for ads, both text, and image-based, on your site. These ads would be relatable to your website. You will get paid for every click. There are some factors on which the profit of PPC advertising depends:

  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Website-traffic

This is one of the best strategies to earn money using the internet. Google AdSense is the best platform to use PPC advertising. Moreover, there are other websites as well such as Facebook and Bing. The main advantage of using Google and Bing is that you can see how many clients want to buy the same thing that you are advertising. This will result in a better advertisement for your product. On the other hand, Facebook does not have this feature. But Facebook advertising can tell the age, gender, and interests of your clients. Google AdWords guide by Neil Patel and Facebook Marketing guide by buffer is an important source to get maximum knowledge about PPC advertisements. 

PCC advertising provides a wonderful option to increase the traffic on your website.  If there is a green ‘Ad’ logo or Facebook post with ‘sponsored’ at the top on a Google search then this is the live example of PPC marketing. The increase in traffic results in increased awareness of your product. As a result of this, you will be able to make a terrific sale of your product. It is a short and quick way of earning money. Moreover, whenever a client will click on your ad you will receive a fair share of profit.

Email marketing

It is an underrated marketing strategy. But it is a fact that most people use and check emails on a regular basis. Additionally, this type of marketing can drive a return on investment of up to $30 to every $1 spent. Email marketing, if used smartly, can help you to earn more than PPC advertisements. 

You need to devise a great email strategy for earning. The right strategy can turn into a sales channel which will help you to get new and increased traffic to your site. If you want to run a good campaign then you must provide some attractive features to your audience. For instance, giveaways, informational content, sales code, a coupon for referring to a friend, and so on. Most of the time, Helm Boots uses a sales discount to appeal to the visitors to sign up for their email list. 

If you want to increase the traffic then you must engage your audiences. There are various ways of doing that. For example, sending an email twice to your audience to remind them and engage them.  You can also use some information, polls, demographics, and psychographics to entice the visitors. Similarly, you can also ask them to personalize the information they want to get. This way they have a chance to see their required information bi-weekly. 

Affiliate marketing

It is the most common and easiest method to earn money. You have to make agreements with different websites and merchants. You have to put their products on your website. When the user will click on that product and buy something. Then will also gain your share of profit. It is a type of a mutualistic relationship in which both the members get the benefit. There are various affiliate marketing websites but the most famous among them are Click bank and Amazon.

Cost per mille advertising

This strategy is specifically used by bloggers. Bloggers use this method to earn money. They put ads on their site. The blogger gets money as per page view that is generated by his/her ad. As some bloggers can generate 100k views for a page they can easily earn $90-$100 each month.  

Direct banner advertising

This is a simple yet useful strategy. Want to make more money using your website? Sell the spare space for the advertisements. The banner formats that is the most famous are as follow

  • 125 x 125 button ads
  • 728 x 90 leaderboard ads
  • 300 x 250 rectangular ads

Sell products

If your website has decent number of targeted audience. Then you can sell your products to them as well. You need to develop a product catalog in your online store. This helps people to browse and select the product of their choice to buy.

Furthermore, you can also use different methods as well. Some of them are listed below:

  • Use paid surveys and polls
  • Affiliation schemes
  • Join the online marketplace
  • Pop-up and pop-under ads
  • Audio ads
  • Monetization Widgets

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

It is the part and parcel of every company. It is the most reliable way to elevate website traffic without spending excessive money on advertisements. SEO is a way to optimize specific elements of your website. This will lead to ranking your topics on the top of the search engine. For this purpose, you must use specific keywords. 

If your website is new and you want to develop it perfectly. Then you must spend your time and energy to optimize the following things:

  • On-page elements: meta-description, image, and content optimization.
  • Off-page SEO: link building, guest posting, and social media can be of great help.

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